dog ma.

love photog.

hiiii babes.

I'm Paige. 

I am an Arizona native but I prefer the pines or the beach over the desert.. annny day of the week. I brunch harder than most, I binge any true crime documentary with more than 3 stars + I can get downnn on some vegan mac-n-cheese. I am fluent in gifs + sarcasm so I am hoping you are too! 

I am married to the coolest dude I have ever met, Brandon, + together we have the cutest pup pup in all the land, Sophie (completely unbiased opinions, clearly). "B" + I met when we were 16 + we were married by the time we were 19. I’m so proud of the life we have built - it is insane to me that I still fall more + more in love with him every day. He truly is my rock, my home + my heart. 

Since we got married so young, there was definitely doubt thrown our way + I really feel like that let us find strength in our own love. We learned at a young age that marriage takes work + can be freakinnnng hard at times. But we also learned that love is one of the most beautiful things a person can experience. Our marriage is kinda what landed me this whole “photog” gig. I have such a desire to capture all the love + beauty this world has to offer - even when it gets messy. The raw + goofy moments, the big + small moments, the perfectly imperfect moments - I am here for it all. If you are wanting those “flawlessly posed, light + airy” shots, I may not be the photographer for you (which is totally okay!). But if you want those “real, warm + moody” shots - let’s do this thang, baby.